Each of the 4 playrooms has its own outdoor play space which lead directly from the playrooms, this enables children to learn indoors or outdoors at all times. This includes our first floor play room – which has a delightful roof top garden.
We have undercover areas so regardless of the weather the children can enjoy the fresh air. There’s nothing better than the smell of the rain, watching the patterns of the puddles or the appearance of a magical rainbow – after all we are in Manchester!!

We recommend that all Buttercup children have a backpack left at nursery containing winter hat and gloves, sun hat and sun cream and a pair of wellies.

Please send you child with the appropriate coat on a daily basis.


We understand that most parents and carers chose a nursery so they can go to work, with this in mind we will never send your child home without good reason.

High temperatures due to teething or the common cold can generally be controlled with calpol or paracetamol and are usually not a reason to be sent home, however contagious illnesses such as sickness and / or diarrhea do require 48 hours at home enjoying cuddles and rest.


Fees can be paid monthly or weekly but always in advance. Standing orders are the preferred method on the 1st of every month.

Childcare vouchers are also be accepted.

Fees are charged for 51 weeks of the year including bank holidays, the nursery will close at 1pm Christmas Eve and re-opening on the 1st working day in January.

The nursery will also close for 2 inset days throughout the year for staff training – we will inform you of these with at least 4 weeks notice.

Fees will be revised every September.

Please contact the nursery for a price list.


A small number of places will be saved each day to allow for parents requiring “Emergency Care”. Please contact the nursery should you need an adhoc session due to an emergency and we will do our best to accommodate your child in their usual group.


You can book a regular pattern for a minimum of one half day per week, however we recommend your child attends Buttercup Corner at least twice a week to ensure their visit becomes a part of their routine. In our experience children who only attend once a week can sometimes find it difficult to settle. However, we will be guided by parents as you know your children best!


The nursery is open Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm with the option of a small charge to drop off your child early at 7.30am.
Morning sessions 8 – 1pm and afternoon sessions 1 – 6pm.


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